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Chris Page
Screw link couplings

Superb product , they are the best on the market and great value they look great on my 6 heljan class47 locos as the ones supplied by heljan are not very good 😉

Mike Whitchurch
Nearly there.

The stub of the hook is too short to securely fix into a buffer beam IMHO, especially if you are going to use them in anger and actually couple stock up with them on a layout.
Also, as mentioned, the tommy bar defies gravity if used as a real coupler.
An simple remedy to both the above issues is available, remove the top shackle pin from the plastic hook and sling your hook (into the waste bin) , invert the coupling, put a brass pin/piece of rod through the shackle and solder to a brass etched hook, I use Ambis hooks but other suitable ones are available.
Whilst some might consider this a faff, it's a reasonably simple route to a UIC type screw coupling.

Gareth Davies
Good product

Agree with comment about the Tommy bar not hanging down if u used them to actually couple to something but as a cosmetic piece they are hard to beat

Kevin Bynion
I'm almost hooked

coupling looks good and is good value for money, but is a shame that the toggle bar in the middle does not turn, so that it hangs down when in the coupled position and the first link attached to the hook will only come up so far.

Nigel Hopwood
Screw couplings

The screw couplings are excellent and exceptionally good value. However I think they are slightly too long and good be improved by shortening the link which fits to the coupling hook.


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