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JSA Update September 2020

As the factories in China return to normal post COVID19 shutdown, we are able to bring you the latest updates on our announced projects.

Over the coming weeks we have updates for the Class 92, and we have already provided updates for the Mark 5 coaches, Class 37, Class 55, KUA and PTA/JTA/JUA wagons.

This time it is the turn of the JSA steel wagons!

Our JSA wagons were announced at the Great Electric Train Show at Milton Keynes in 2019 as a spin off of our hugely successful PTA/JTA/JUA project. Utilising the same chassis components and bogies, it was a no brainer to offer these steel carriers and give modellers some high quality steel carrying wagons.

As you have probably guessed by now, we love offering a multitude of detail variations in our models and the JSAs are no different. With two types of hood (welded and rivetted) we also decided to go the whole hog and offer the latest incarnation of these useful and widespread wagons, with the open VTG liveried variants tooled up too.

Released in packs of two with three available per livery/variant, they went from a nice add on to the PTA/JTA/JUA to a super seller in their own right, proving to be very popular indeed and filling the need for accurate steel carrying wagons that are widely accessible to all. To help with this accessibility, they were our first wagons open to our trade network, meaning more and more modellers can access these wagons with sufficient stock being manufactured to supplement demand.

This demand has lead to a very large production run of these and their PTA/JTA/JUA cousins, which has had our factory flat out producing in recent months. Of course, this has been slightly held up by the COVID pandemic, so are slightly behind schedule.


We had hoped to land them late September, but this will now be late November/early December 2020. We apologise for this slight delay, but with the upheaval that has taken place in the world this year it is thankfully a shorter delay than we expected.

In happier news, we are also offering our steel coils as an accessory pack! Due also in late November/early December, they will work well on a multitude of other steel wagons, yard scenes, lorry loads and more! 

As you can see, there will be 6 coils per pack at a cost of £8.95 per pack, which you can pre-order now here.

If you fancy some JSA wagons of your own, get your pre-orders in here, or via your preferred Accurascale Approved stockist. At just £59.95 per pack of two, they represent unbeatable value at under £30 per highly detailed, bogie wagon, and they get even cheaper per unit should you elect for our bundle deals! 

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