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Caledonian Sleeper Mark 5; Wake Up To Something Beautiful!

It's been a long time coming. Indeed, it's been a slog as we explained in our last update, but the first tooling samples of our Mark 5s are finally here, and don't they look well?

Later this week we will bring you a first look at the TPE Mark 5s. But, first let's look at the iconic Caledonian Sleeper Mark 5 coaches, which make the perfect companion to our Class 92.

We announced both the Class 92 and the Mark 5 project at Model Rail Scotland 2019, before the real coaches entered service. During this period they were still on test and featured a number of modifications during this period that we needed to capture on our models. 

As you can see below, we're experimenting with a new magnetic close coupling system for between coaches. These will be easily swapped out for tension locks, Kadees or other NEM couplings if desired. Tension locks will be provided to couple up to a locomotive too, or one of our magnetic couplings can be used on the locomotive! There is some beautiful details around our prototypical representations of the bogies too, capturing the minimalist nature of the real thing and with our coupling system in place they avoid an ungainly NEM pocket and coupling arm moulded into the design.

There is interior lighting too, naturally. These will be controlled by a magnetic wand to on and off positions and works on both DC and DCC layouts. It's warm and subtle too, and really sets the coaches off nicely giving a cosy atmosphere for your 4mm sized passengers!

These coaches are currently being assessed by our design team, and once that is complete we will be able to bring you a more accurate delivery date for these models. However, it is now looking like Q3 2021 due to the COVID 19 situation and current logistical difficulties due to the pandemic and changes to recent changes to custom procedures.

Place your pre-order for these nocturnal beauties direct with us here, with a deposit of just £30 per pack, With four coach packs featuring a wealth of detail, a multitude of separately applied detail, fully detailed interiors, close coupling system and magnetic couplings, as well as full interior lighting for £179.99 they represent excellent value for money!

You can order your Class 92 here including GB Railfreight liveries also found on sleeper services.

We will also bring you a look at the TPE coaches later this week. In the meantime, check out below for a look at both sides of each of the four coach types which make up the Caledonian Sleeper rake.


 Accessible Coach

Club Coach

Seated Coach

Standard Sleeper

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