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Pack de deux porte-flacons nucléaires KUA

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Un double pack des deux wagons flacons KUA Nuclear en OO.
Ces wagons impressionnants ont été construits par Bombardier/Prorail of Wakefield en 1998 et conçus pour transporter le combustible nucléaire usé des sous-marins nucléaires de la Royal Navy de leurs bases de Devonport et Rosyth à Sellafield pour élimination et fonctionnaient généralement avec des locomotives à double tête de classe 37/6 (également disponible chez Accurascale ici)
  • Modèle à l'échelle très détaillé et précis
  • Pièces de détail montées en usine (tuyaux de frein, fers de lampe, etc.)
  • Détails métalliques gravés montés en usine si nécessaire
  • Tuyauterie montée en usine
  • Tampons métalliques à ressort
  • Sous-châssis entièrement détaillé
  • Roues à disque en métal noirci de 12 mm sur essieux métalliques, jeux de profils RP25.110 avec 14,4 mm dos à dos et 26 mm sur les points d'épingle
  • Poches de coupleur NEM montées sur des supports « cinématiques » avec coupleurs étroits à verrouillage de tension fournis
  • Plusieurs pièces de châssis moulées sous pression pour un poids idéal sur les essieux
  • Longueur de Wagon, tampon à tampon de 325mm (650mm pour la paire de wagons)

Customer Reviews

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Alan Schofield
Wow factor straight from the box

Wow first impressions from the box, tested these behind my DRS cl68 and I have to say they run so smoothly on all track these are just 10 out of 10 all round .I'd definitely recommend these

Lance Mcdonald
The game changer wagon

Just like all manufacturers, you always tend to go with something small to begin with. When accurascale became known to me, it all began with the already highly anticipated PFA wagons.

I was blown away with the amount of work, detail and time which went into making the PFA wagon alone such a detailed and cost friendly wagon.

However the KUA by accurascale. Things changed

I was first discouraged by the price when I first saw the wagons at my local stockist, but when I got a hold of them, that’s when the game changed.

Purchased the wagons and my discouragement turned into pure joy and the sense of being blown away engulfed me. The wagons are detailed above what anyone could expect yet alone me. Right down to the signage, paint work, railings. Everything.

What astounded me, was the shear weight of these wagons, to the point the car may not have moved. (Ok bit of emphasise XD) but seriously these KUA wagons are monsters, and you get a sizeable train don’t forget from just TWO wagons.

£159.99. More than reasonable for the price and every penny is deserved for accurascale. This is the game changer and if products like this are being produced, it makes you wonder;

What surprises do accurascale have next?

Awesome work and please keep the wagons and locos coming. For anyone who has not yet made investment into accurascale, well these KUAs prove why you should.


Lance McDonald

George Henderson
So much detail

Accurascale have surpassed them selfs AGAIN… I see they (quite rightly) have won awards for this fantastic model. I’m a great fan of this company because the quality is up there with the best in the world ( my opinion )
The detail in this model is awesome and very accurate.
Although my misses has taken it for my CHRISTMAS PRESSIE so I was only allowed a small glimps of it and a little hold of it just to check for damages before it gets hidden away for the big Santa day.
100% perfect in every way and also a good weight to it.
Can’t wait till Christmas and I’ll see it again lol
Highly recommended you won’t be disappointed

Darren Goddard

The title says it all

Trevor Cornthwaite
Amazing model

Definitely the best OO guage wagons on the market to date.
Impressive detail.