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D9020 Nimbus

UGC ACC2170D9020
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D9020 – ‘Nimbe’

  • BR vert avec panneaux de nez jaunes
  • Headcode : alphanumérique
  • Essuie-glaces : deux par vitre
  • Chauffage du train : chaleur à la vapeur
  • Vitre latérale cabine avant : présente
  • Position du klaxon : faisceau tampon
  • Trappes de bac à sable à l'avant du nez : présentes
  • Ouïes du compartiment à piles : non montées
  • Phare haute intensité : non monté
  • Aérateurs de pare-brise : non montés
  • Fer à repasser central supérieur : monté

Caractéristiques communes:

  • Maquette OO très détaillée, 1:76.2
  • Châssis en alliage moulé sous pression
  • Fourni prêt DCC [prise MTX 21 broches] ou son DCC d'usine installé
  • Détails spécifiques au calendrier, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter ;
    • Bogies (moulés et fabriqués)
    • Positions du klaxon
    • Orifices d'échappement
    • Panneaux de code d'en-tête
    • Essuie-glaces
    • Vitres latérales de la cabine
    • Trappes de bac à sable
    • Louvres
    • Phares
    • Bouches d'aération de la cabine
    • Équipement de chauffage des trains
    • Fers à lampe
    • Remise des codes
  • Métal gravé appliqué séparément et pièces de détail en plastique haute fidélité, y compris les poignées de maintien, les marches, les essuie-glaces, les plaques signalétiques, les crêtes et plus encore.
  • Raccords mini-tension-lock de hauteur correcte avec prise NEM ainsi qu'une poutre tampon entièrement détaillée
  • Traction haute performance, à inclure ;
    • Moteur à cinq pôles avec deux volants d'inertie
    • Boîte à engrenages hélicoïdaux en métal pour des performances maximales et un fonctionnement à vitesse lente
    • Engrenage disposé de manière à ce que la locomotive puisse atteindre une vitesse maximale de 120 mph (193 km/h)
    • Compatible DCC avec condensateur PowerPack pour une alimentation ininterrompue
    • Toutes roues motrices et toutes roues motrices
  • Pack d'éclairage entièrement détaillé, comprenant :
    • Éclairage directionnel, DC et DCC
    • Les feux de position peuvent être éteints lorsque le train est couplé à la loco
    • Fonction de phares à haute intensité, le cas échéant
    • Éclairage et éclairage de la cabine commutés séparément, détails de la console du conducteur, arrêt automatique en cas de mouvement
    • Éclairage du compartiment moteur
  • Roues RP25-110 Roues OO avec possibilité de réétalonnage à p4 et écartement EM
  • Deux haut-parleurs de qualité avec de grandes capsules sonores pour un son optimal (*sur les modèles insonorisés)
  • Tampons métalliques entièrement suspendus
  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine
Faible rayon 438 mm (2ème rayon défini)

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Syd Young
Definitely Looks the Part

I've never bought a model Deltic before because I was never happy with how they looked; there was just something not quite right. The moment I saw the CADs for the Accurascale version, I could tell this was going to be the business and I duly pre-ordered D9020 NIMBUS. Having now received it, there are plusses and minuses, but I really can't fault the overall look of it, it really is a stunning model.

Unfortunately my first experience of it after receiving it wasn't great. It had been "delivered" on a day we were away. I got an e-mail from DHL informing me it had been delivered and accepted by me in person. Upon returning home the next day, the first thing I saw was the box several yards down our concrete driveway, having been hurled over our seven-foot wrought iron gates. Fortunately it hadn't rained! I actually got out the car feeling sick (and very angry!) Upon opening it, apart from some impact damage to the actual box, the contents seemed to be ok. On closer inspection, I discovered three of the brake chains and three of the footsteps had come away. One of the valves underneath the fuel tank had also broken off.

I gave it a run and it performed flawlessly. I'm old school DC, so all I really need it to do is go backwards and forwards, which it does very smoothly, even at low speeds. I fitted all the bufferbeam detail with no issues, although the loco arrived with the wrong bufferbeam at each end.

So, to the fine detailed bits which had broken off. These really are not easy to fix. The chains, to be quite frank are a complete pain to attach. Two of them have now come away more than once and I'm considering abandoning them altogether. I've got to the point where I'm really reluctant to handle the loco at all. My crew arrived today and I really don't relish taking the loco apart to install them. If I do, I suspect the chains will stay off.

In conclusion, this really is a superb model, no question and overall I'm very happy with it. Does such intricate detail on an OO gauge model make for a practical runner on a layout, or is it best left as a static exhibit in a display case? I'm not sure to be honest, which is why I've given it four stars instead of five, but I think Accurascale should be applauded for going to some considerable effort in producing what in my view, is the ultimate model of a Deltic.

David Finch
Nimbus - Worth Waiting for... and Almost Perfect!

First off - this was a locomotive worth waiting for. At first look, this is a stunning reproduction in miniature of a famous class. The detail is exquisite, it has a visually silent mechanism that is powerful and responsive. The weight is impressive, and though I have not yet been able to put it through its paces on the main line, it certainly feels it could pull anything hung behind it. The sound system was similarly impressive, with a full suite of beautifully captured effects in the project. The two-tone livery was beautifully applied, and the set of etched plates lovely to see. The packing was impressive as well, the locomotive nestled in its protective ice tray, foam lined box and plastic sleeve. But when I opened the box and released the model, I found a myriad of small detail parts had been detached, including the bogie chains on bth sides of the loco, front corner steps at both ends and the hatch hiding the decoder missing the set of magnets, leaving it loose in the box. This was all the more surprising since the packaging was so good. Even as I examined it, more detail parts that seemed poorly glued detached themselves. I will be required to find, relocate and reglue all the stray items I can find before the loco can be run in on the layout.
So 10/10 on looks, performance and detail, 6/10 on fit and finish

Roger Simmons
Big and heavy

Fantastic model. Beautiful presentation, first deltic with correct shaped nose and windows. Ultimate level of detail. Two downsides. 1) Are the wheels too small? There has to be a compromise somewhere and you don't really see the wheels, the sit and ride is spot on. Still this is the one area that Bachmann scores higher (needs user to adjust ride height though). 2) The box! It's 0 gauge! Actually this does become a problem, they need to be stored somewhere. (surely a Dapol sized 00 box is OK, or is that why bits fall off in transit?) Also big and heavy does push up the shipping weight for airmail to distant places. My deltic has already travelled about 20,000 miles to get to NZ from China via Ireland! Looking forward to the next one, and please keep the pricing keen if you can, train purchase is getting quite selective for some of us these days. Well done and worth the wait.

Ted Wentz

Beautiful model. Great sounds.
Product manual lacking in important information.

Robin Peel
Lovely model

Very happy that both my Deltics made it to Seattle safely - and quickly (less than 48hrs in transit). D9020 "Nimbus" in green looks great - the detail - as many have said - is outrageous. It all survived the journey ... except for one front step (my other arrived in perfect condition). Still awaiting a long run on a friends basement-sized HO layout. A remarkable model at a very fair price.


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