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55018 Ballymoss

UGC ACC2168D9018
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55018 – ‘Ballymoss’

  • BR bleu avec garniture blanche
  • Headcode: plaqué sur
  • Essuie-glaces : deux par vitre
  • Chauffage des trains : ETH
  • Fenêtre latérale principale de la cabine : plaquée sur
  • Position du klaxon : haut du nez
  • Trappes de bac à sable à l'avant du nez : plaquées
  • Battery compartment louvres: present
  • Phare haute intensité : non monté
  • Aérateurs de pare-brise : présents
  • Fer à repasser central supérieur : monté
  • Bogies : fonte

Caractéristiques communes:

  • Maquette OO très détaillée, 1:76.2
  • Châssis en alliage moulé sous pression
  • Fourni prêt DCC [prise MTX 21 broches] ou son DCC d'usine installé
  • Détails spécifiques au calendrier, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter ;
    • Bogies (moulés et fabriqués)
    • Positions du klaxon
    • Orifices d'échappement
    • Panneaux de code d'en-tête
    • Essuie-glaces
    • Vitres latérales de la cabine
    • Trappes de bac à sable
    • Louvres
    • Phares
    • Bouches d'aération de la cabine
    • Équipement de chauffage des trains
    • Fers à lampe
    • Remise des codes
  • Métal gravé appliqué séparément et pièces de détail en plastique haute fidélité, y compris les poignées de maintien, les marches, les essuie-glaces, les plaques signalétiques, les crêtes et plus encore.
  • Raccords mini-tension-lock de hauteur correcte avec prise NEM ainsi qu'une poutre tampon entièrement détaillée
  • Traction haute performance, à inclure ;
    • Moteur à cinq pôles avec deux volants d'inertie
    • Boîte à engrenages hélicoïdaux en métal pour des performances maximales et un fonctionnement à vitesse lente
    • Engrenage disposé de manière à ce que la locomotive puisse atteindre une vitesse maximale de 120 mph (193 km/h)
    • Compatible DCC avec condensateur PowerPack pour une alimentation ininterrompue
    • Toutes roues motrices et toutes roues motrices
  • Pack d'éclairage entièrement détaillé, comprenant :
    • Éclairage directionnel, DC et DCC
    • Les feux de position peuvent être éteints lorsque le train est couplé à la loco
    • Fonction de phares à haute intensité, le cas échéant
    • Éclairage et éclairage de la cabine commutés séparément, détails de la console du conducteur, arrêt automatique en cas de mouvement
    • Éclairage du compartiment moteur
  • Roues RP25-110 Roues OO avec possibilité de réétalonnage à p4 et écartement EM
  • Deux haut-parleurs de qualité avec de grandes capsules sonores pour un son optimal (*sur les modèles insonorisés)
  • Tampons métalliques entièrement suspendus
  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine
Faible rayon 438 mm (2ème rayon défini)

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
John Spencer
Class 55 Deltic Ballymoss - The Ultimate Deltic model

This model is an outstanding work of art. The shape, the fitted details, the colours, the working features, the sound, the smooth running and haulage power are all breath taking.

You feel the weight as soon as you lift her out of the box, then you see all the details both inside and out.. we are spoilt for choice with lighting options, almost as if each diode has its own switch. The sound is the sharpest on any of my sound fitted locos, as for grunt, she needs space to run, she will pull a house down and thanks to its flywheels and stay alives, she won’t stop suddenly on dead piece of track (or work surface if the track runs out!).

A model of this quality, needs a respectful owner. She copes with my track very well, but obviously she won’t be suited to loose fitted track on a carpet!
The bogies are scale width for EM/P4 conversion. As I do mainly southern in OO, I did find the guard irons catching on the 3rd rail (you can either trim them back a mm or avoid sections with 3rd rail).
One surprise are the separately fitted hand brake chains between the bogies and loco body. I had one drop off (they are detachable to remove the body) and I found a missing piece 4 days later stuck in a point frog! I reenforced these attachments on the body with diluted wood glue (to ensure the body can still be removed if required).

Of course an excellent loco comes with excellent support. Accurascale are second to none here, they are professional end to end.

My only slight gripe is the box it comes in. It is huge. Granted this helps to ensures the model arrives in excellent condition. The down side is my storage boxes can only hold 6 of them vs 20 of the big players. But that is really a small pathetic issue to complain about!

Overall we finally have a model that makes you feel like you are standing next to the prototype in miniature form. Both stationary and when underway blasting sound.

Graham Williams
Epitome of a Deltic

I received my model of Finsbury Park Deltic "Ballymoss", together with three green Deltics, last week. I was very impressed with the detail and finish of the models. These models really capture the character of the Deltic locomotives, a class I became aquainted with in service on a visit to England in 1980 and in preservation on subsequent visits. I would certainly like more if there is to be further batch produced ("Alycidon" and "The Green Howards" would be rather nice).
I was surprised at the generous size of the model's box, however. The size of the shipping carton when delivered (containing four deltics) momentarily made me think I might have been sent a 12 inch to one foot scale Deltic in error.
In summary I am very pleased with the models and look forward to further Accurascale locos and rolling stock.

John Longbottom
Modelling reality

First comment on packaging - the box is too big for the model - not quite sure why there is extra around the model - a smaller box could have done. The model itself is truely a masterpiece and as long as you do not touch it then everying would be fine but we are using these models in working environments and the delicate nature of the model can give problems. When I opened the box there was one piece detached and the next day after working with the model I found another piece had detached itself and strangely enough it was exactly the same that I found in the box - I have searched for breaks all over the model but cannot find where these parts go!!. The instructions are second to none. I removed the body to fit a crew and in doing so detached the chains - they were easy to take off but absolutely impossible to re-attach. The chains would have been better attched to the chassis and not the body. Three hours later with the aid of superglue they were re-positioned. The sound file is super but as noted by Holly Rushton I could not use all of the sound profle with Railmaster so will have to find a work around. The shunt/slow speed of the model is some of the best I have seen. Also buffer detailing was made some much easier with the instructions laid out and the gaps to fit the details were perfect which is more then I can say for other manufacturers where worst scenario I have to take a drill to the bufferbeam to make the holes bigger. Having said that, I do not understand why end 1 was not detailed at th factory (as with Heljan) . Well, I suppose you cannot better the model but if the user is expected to take off the body from the chassis then one could improve certain aspects to minimise the breakages or re-fitting

Patrick Conboy

55018 Ballymoss

Martin Shaw
3 Deltics I Purchased

Well as I expected these Deltics were absolutely amazing
They traveled to my location over 7000 miles. Two arrived in perfect condition however one of them one of the chains had detached .
If I had one gripe these models are becoming far too detailed and each company is trying to outdo the other
As the name suggests it’s accurascale!


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