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Deltic Arrival Update - May 2022

Great news!

The wait is almost over. Our hotly anticipated Class 55 Deltic locomotives are almost here and ready to enter traffic on your layout. 

Firstly, we want to thank you all for your continued support and indeed patience over the last 3.5 years since we first announced these English Electric beasts in 00/4mm scale. While we incurred some delays of our own making during development, (a tireless task to get things right) little did we know that a full on global pandemic was going to see the world shut down just over a year later. 

However, these things are sent to try us, and the ship carrying these beauties is now approaching the port! 

Current information regarding delivery is that the ship will dock at this weekend (28th/29th May). The containers will then be unloaded and transferred to the warehouse early next week. Following this there will be container breakdown, accepting into stock and QC checks. The final stages will then be picking, packing and posting several of thousand orders.

As there are many, many pre-orders to fulfil we estimate it will take 7-10 working days to get them all out there (worst case scenario) and will be done in date order of fully paid up orders. So, you patience while we complete this (and we will go as fast as we can) will be much appreciated. 

With little stock left, we recommend that you get your name down for one sooner rather than later before they sell out. Place your order here to get your hands on our Deltics! 

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