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Class 92 Update - First Batch of Decorated Samples Arrive!

It's another exciting milestone here at Accurascale as the first decorated sample batch of our forthcoming Class 92s have finally arrived for assessment and oh my, they do look very good indeed! 

When we received our first tooling sample we knew that it was shaping up to be a nice model, but felt it needed some gentle tweaks to set it apart in areas around the roof and bogies. It took some small retooling and fettling but it has paid off dividends and we are now very happy with what the factory has been able to achieve when it comes to finesse and quality.

We received the first batch of decorated samples which included 92001 in EWS as above, 92010 in Caledonian Sleeper Midnight Teal, 92020 in a rather incorrect shade of GBRf (well, the orange as you can see above, this will be corrected on the production models!) and 92042 in DB Schenker red. The other samples have just arrived and will be revealed within then next couple of weeks when fully assessed.

Of course, there are always improvements that can be made at each step of the development process, and whilst the decorated samples look very well overall there are tweaks that need to be carried out. This centres around the glazing and the distinctive "polo mints" Channel Tunnel logos which are such a feature of the real locomotives. We are also keen to tweak some of the small warning labels to ensure they pop on the models. There are also some positioning of names and logos which need minor tweaking.

Overall though, they are shaping up very well indeed. Just drink in that detail!

With these tweaks already underway we can now firm up production details. Unfortunately COVID19 stoppages have already delayed production of these models and many more for all manufacturers due to the resulting labour and raw material shortages. This resulted in a delay in us receiving the decorated samples for assessment before we could sign off for production.

The legacy of the pandemic is still being felt, with a backlog of projects which are being made by smaller workforces due to social distancing protocols and recruitment difficulties as freedom of movement was restricted for migrating assembly workers. As a result the 92 will begin production in the coming weeks and is now slated for delivery in Q3 2022. We apologise for this delay, but it is something completely out of anyone's control and reflective of the whole manufacturing industry as we begin to emerge from the pandemic restrictions. 

With this in mind, we have now set our early bird price deadline. With the sheer amount of technology and separate detail in these locomotives a price increase from £159.99 DCC ready to £189.99 DCC ready and £249.99 DCC Sound Fitted to £279.99 DCC Sound Fitted will take place on January 1st 2022. All orders placed before that date and so far will avail of the lower price, including £30 deposits. So, if you fancy one (or more!) of these overhead and third rail beauties for your layout, make sure you place your order soon to avail of the bargain of the model railway world! (Even at the higher price they represent excellent value for money, but who doesn't like saving a few quid?) 

Due the scarcity of production slots at the factory we will also be limiting the size of the production run somewhat, so these are likely to be in higher demand than we initially envisaged. 

Keep an eye out for an update showcasing the rest of the decorated samples in the coming weeks as well as a demonstration video showing some of these beauties in action and all their features that you can play with including the epic Legomanbiffo sound file. In the meantime, place your pre-order here!


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