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HYA/IIA And Cutdown HYA Update October 2021

With the arrival of our 21 ton mineral wagons (MDO and MDV) and coil A wagons last week, it's time to turn our attentions to the next trio of wagon types due for delivery; namely the HYA and IIA coal hopper, biomass hopper and cut down aggregate hopper wagons.

Although similar in appearance and being wagons that share some components, these have really been three separate new wagons in our range, with different tooling, bodies and other bespoke components required for each. It has been a challenge we relish, ensuring all variants are covered and we offer the modeller an exciting range of modern rolling stock. 

These wagons have presented us with two very large challenges since their announcement. One has been the sheer demand. The production run for these wagons ended up at over twice what we envisaged due to the huge number of pre-orders. Every new model we announce sees a steady increase in demand, so thank you to everyone who has placed and order with us for these new models. It is great that we are finding new customers and retaining our existing base too. 

Of course, we have gone for our usual high detail on these wagons, with 152 separate parts, per wagon! If that's not an impressive enough figure, each wagon utilises over 150 separate tampo printing processes due to the complexity of the warning labels, stripes, logos, welding lines and bogie highlights. We recently showed a video of these wagons awaiting their tampo passing which resembled the "Top Men" scene from the Indiana Jones film "Raiders of The Lost Ark" with boxes as far as the eye could see!

Unfortunately, the increased demand and tampo processes resulted in slight delays in these wagons, but there is good news! The standard HYA coal hopper wagons are now complete, and will ship late next week from the factory to our warehouse. We envisage them arriving in stock in mid December, transit times permitting! Our IIA biomass and cut down HYAs are due to be complete at the end of October, and will then ship from the factory, arriving with us in January 2022. We had hoped to bring them all in together but we want you to get these wagons as quickly as possible so shipping the coal hoppers first seems the most logical thing to do. If you have pre-ordered coal HYAs and IIAs or cutdown HYAs in one order we will ship them in two separate parcels for you as they come into stock.

Fancy some? Place your order via your local stockist, or direct right here!

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