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BR 21T COAL21VB/MDV - Bauxit Pre-TOPS- Pack A

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British Railways 21 Tonnen Kohle 21VB / MDV-Wagen

Enthält drei Wagen, nummeriert:

  • B312418
  • B312059K
  • B313014
  • Bauxit, Pre-TOPS-Lackierung
  • 1/120 Muster
  • OLEO-Puffer
  • Rollenlager Achsgehäuse
  • 1961 eingeführt
  • 3.950 Wagen nach diesem Muster gebaut
  • Zusätzliche Klapptüren an den Seiten, die MDO nicht trug
  • Bis 1992 im Dienst
  • In Blockrechen gefahren und mit anderen Kohlewagen wie 16 t Mineralien (MCO), 21 t Trichter (HTV), 24,5 t Mineralien (MEO) usw. gemischt.


  • Packung drei Wagen, jeweils mit individuellen Nummern
  • Kupplungsaufnahme nach NEM-Norm
  • Inklusive schmaler Spannschlosskupplungen
  • Extra feine, werkseitig montierte Detail-Kunststoffteile und gefederte Puffer
  • Individuelle Beschriftungen und Codes von echten Waggons für Authentizität

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Danny Impey
    MDV mineral wagon

    I have 1 single MDV Jenny Kirk exclusive wagon that I brought from rails of Sheffield even though I waited a year for it to arrive but the level of detail on these were well worth the wait, the best MDV wagon out there no derailment issues runs really smooth and they are not too light running on the track, adding coal loads to them is well worth doing 10 out of 10 well done accurascale

    Tim Gillard-Stapleton
    Exceptional model

    Great model, highly impress with the amount of little details that have been added by Accurascale to increase the the value for money for the end modeler. My only wish would be for them to issue a pre-weather version and save me the time :-).

    bruce nelson
    The very best scale wagons I have ever seen

    I am totally blown away with the detail on these wagons, it makes all other RTR wagon look like bad toys. If Accurascale can achieve this level of detail for this price there is no reason to buy from the big manufacturers. The detail is awesome but that also extends to the decals. Pity I model pre-TOPS otherwise I would buy pack of wagons from Accurascale everyday. Can not wait for the next pre-TOPS releases. They all represent such good value for money,


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