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New Announcement - Crew Your Deltics With Accurafolk!

Model railways are about those little extra bits of detail, right? One of the most important aspects have a crew for your locomotives. Locomotives need drivers after all. 

So, we have teamed up with the guys at Modelu to create a fully authentic, 3D scanned driver and second man for our locomotives, beginning with the Deltic!

Earlier this year we scanned our subjects, who were to be immortalised in plastic forevermore. Dressing them in authentic BR attire for the occasion, including the standard issue rich tea biscuit. (We did begin with a Hobnob, but upon researching our biscuits discovered that they were not a thing before 1985, so we switched. That's the levels of authenticity we go to!)

After scanning our crew is then 3D printed in colour to give modellers the perfect crew pairing in plastic which can be easily added to their new Deltic locomotives.

Our first release sees the uniform which was standard issue from 1969 for BR drivers and we are currently working on a second pack to cater for drivers who would've driven the Deltics from their introduction until the changeover in the late 1960s. 

These packs will be made in the UK and available in stock in two weeks time for a price of £9.95 per pack of driver and secondman. Pre-ordering is now open on our website, so you can secure yours here.

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Nächster Artikel New Announcement - Crew Your Deltics With Accurafolk!
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