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First Look At Decorated Nuclear PFAs!

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement of our new batch of coal container and half height nuclear PFA packs, we can bring you an update on the new range of nuclear PFA wagons.

As you can see, we have received a full range of decorated samples from the factory for assessment. Once the decoration is applied you can fully appreciate the colourful variety these new loads will bring to your layout!

Also apparent is the sheer number of warning labels and panels, all individually drawn with subtle differences between wagons, just like the real thing. The large amount of warning labels is perfectly understandable due to the interesting cargo they carry, and really make the models pop.

We are also delighted to report that our models are on schedule and still on course for delivery in Q4 2021. These packs make for the perfect current and privitisation era short train, with a great mix of heritage and latest traction that can be employed to provide power.

Packs are still available to order at £74.95 per pack, with six different packs available. Five of these packs can be pre-ordered through your local stockist, with the Dragon pack an Accurascale Exclusive, only available direct via Accurascale.

Pre-order your packs direct right here, with 10% off when you order two or more PFA packs.


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