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Delicious Subs! Welcome To Our Mark 1 Suburban Coaches in OO/4mm

Our latest announcement sees us tackle the star of 'wish lists' across the land. The people movers of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The unsung heroes of the Mark 1 family and of course, the perfect bedfellows for our forthcoming Class 31 locomotives. 

Welcome everyone, to the 56ft 11" Mark 1 suburban coaches, by Accurascale. The latest addition to our "Moving Britain" range of coaching stock!

We've a much more in depth history file on the real Mark 1 Suburban coaches in our "History File" blog which you can read here. Almost 600 of these coaches were built by BR between 1954 and 1956 on the short 56ft 11" frame to provide suburban coaching stock across a variety of BR regions. Sampling a wealth of BR traction throughout their lifetime, from various types of tank engines on the Midland, to N7s, N2s, L1s, B1s and more on the Eastern Region, to most types of Type 2 diesels and more throughout their lifetimes.

Of course, they were almost synonymous with Brush Type 2s on the Eastern Region, and when we decided to push ahead with our Class 31 models in OO/4mm, these classic coaches seemed very much the "no brainer" to compliment them.

Debuting in the distinctive Carmine Red with black ends in 1954, it wasn't long before the transition to maroon touched these forgotten children of the Mark 1 family, without lining initially before some received these additional embellishments. From 1966 all over rail blue, including coach ends became de rigueur of the suburban fleet, mimicking non intercity DMUs of the day. This latter livery was particularly associated with the Eastern region, behind Brush Type 2s and Baby Deltics, and seen alongside Brush Type 4s and the mighty Class 55 Deltics (both of which could also be seen hauling these coaches on empty stock movements in the Kings Cross area. They last operated a service train in 1977.

Our research odyssey for these distinctive members of the Mark 1 family saw us visit the North Norfolk Railway who very kindly facilitated us for two survey trips in late 2020 and mid 2021. Their assistance during development has been invaluable, so make sure you check them out when you're in the area.

Full access to both the exterior and interior was granted. Of course, doing these coaches justice is the "Accurascale Way", we have gone to town on the full set of exterior and interior, not to mention covering all configurations of these coaches to allow you form a prototypical rake. 

One element we are particularly proud of, and one that was forthcoming in customer feedback across the industry, is granting access to the interior in an easier fashion to add passengers and further detail. This is essential considering the increasing detail being added to models. So, with that challenge on board, we have come up with a fully removable magnetic roof!

Of course, with a removable roof you need a beautifully detailed interior, right? So, we have gone to town on the interior too, with full interior detail which matches each coach configuration, including etched metal luggage racks and full interior lighting. Because why not?

Of course, the exterior is dripping with detail too, with separately applied door handles (and there are many of them!) as well as intricate underframe detail and of course beautiful, free rolling bogies!

All six designations have been tooled and covered, five of which have different exteriors and interiors.. From about 1965, patches were added to the bottom of the bodies to rectify the effects of corrosion, so naturally we have also covered that repair for each type.

We have also covered both ventilator spacings on the roof, all three types of ventilator and on the BT, we have catered for full height periscopes, half height periscopes and removed periscopes!

We go that extra mile to give you that extra smile after all.

As with all Accurascale models, the specification list is extensive:

  • Scale length of 227.67mm over headstocks, width of 36mm across body at waist.
  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd radius set-track).
  • No visible moulding ejection marks or pips.
  • Die-cast metal chassis with plastic body. Target weight minimum of 135g, to a maximum of 150g.
  • Accurate BREL BR1 bogies, with separate detailing where appropriate.
  • Wheels should be blackened RP25-110 profile for 00 gauge, set into blackened brass bearings.
  • NEM standard coupling sockets, with mini-tension lock couplers with a kinematic close-coupling system.
  • With no gangways, the distance between carriages should be as near to prototypical as possible for R2 curves.
  • Body, interior and underframe are handed, therefore CAD should account for this with fitting being only possible in one axis.
  • Scale width wire handrails, water pipes, passenger communication gear.
  • Separately fitted door handles and lamp brackets.
  • Headstock pipes and cabling included in accessory polybag for customer fitting.
  • Fully detailed die-cast underframe with vacuum cylinders, battery boxes, dynamo and piping applied separately.
  • To feature accurate ‘L’ shaped bracing struts on underframe.
  • Easily removable roof, to allow access to interior for customer detailing.
  • Accurate interior layouts, with detailed seating and luggage racks. (Decorated where appropriate)
  • Interior bulkheads to feature picture frames, an important interior feature of this stock.
  • Full guard’s compartment area detailing where appropriate, including use of etched metal detailing.
  • Prism free flush glazing.
  • Interior coach lighting with stay-alive capacitor, pick up from one bogie and a reed switch to control on/off via magnetic wand.
  • Separately fitted roof vent types, set in correct locations.

That's a lot of detail, but it matches our philosophy. After all, it doesn't cost extra to have the detail there, but it certainly adds value to the model you get for your money. We want to create the definitive of each model we produce, and these commuting stalwarts are the latest subjects to benefit from "The Accurascale Way". 

Want to see them in action? Then check out this launch video with our friends from Hornby Magazine.


So, as you can see, we have (so very hastily/poorly assembled) first samples in hand, and are currently assessing them before feeding back to the factory. Improvements will be made in general fit and finish, areas such as brake lines and some underframe details require further finesse too. However, overall they are shaping up very nicely indeed.

Multiple running numbers in both BR Carmine and BR Blue make up the first run, with runs in BR Maroon to follow later. Delivery is anticipated for Q3 2022 with decorated samples due later in the year. Prices for all this awesomeness is £64.95 per coach, with 10% off when you order two or more, as well as free postage and packaging across the UK.

If you order two or more coaches direct from Accurascale, you can also select to pay a deposit and then the balance when the coaches arrive in stock, or easy installments over six months at no extra cost! These buttons will appear in your cart ahead of check out.

You can also order them from your preferred local Accurascale stockist, now with over 130 outlets across the world and growing all the time! 

Browse the range and pre-order yours today by clicking here.

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