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Biomass Appeal - Decorated IIA Wagon Samples Unveiled

Yesterday we revealed the first decorated samples of our forthcoming HYA bogie coal hopper wagons to a fantastic reception.

We also received decorated samples of our IIA biomass hoppers which we can reveal to you today!

Our IIA biomass hopper features several notable changes over the HYA/IIA coal hopper. As well as the distinctive roof doors and operating equipment, it also has the WH Davis revised design of end plates with just seven wider vertical stiffeners versus 15 on the Romanian-built examples, plus door master controls and four additional small boxes per side that contain the magnetic switches on the real thing for door/hopper operation.

We love our detail variation as you know and we do not cut corners, so this is catered for in these new wagons.

As with our HYA Wagons, there are several areas that require tweaking including colours, addition of some printing missing on this sample and overall fit and finish. This will all be in place on the production models you receive when they arrive in stock.

However, we are happy with the overall appearance and feel of the wagon, which captures the bulky nature of the prototypes perfectly. Production will commence in the coming weeks and we remain on course for a Q2, 2021 delivery, COVID 19 dependant of course.

As with our HYA bogie hopper wagons, these biomass IIA's are another chapter in our "Powering Britain" series and are remarkable value at just £74.95 per twin pack, with no extra cost for Pack A which features a working tail lamp.

Four packs are available to order with livery differences and different running numbers which can be pre-ordered now via your local stockist. Perfect stock for your GBRf Class 60 and 66 locomotives.

You can also pre-order directly and avail of our bundle deal, offering even further value and savings! Click here to pre-order now! 

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