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Accurascale December Newsletter!


It's been another busy four weeks here at Accurascale, with new models arriving in stock, newly tooled models demonstrated for the first time and a new announcement too! So, sit back with a cuppa and check out all our latest news updates below...

New In Stock! PTA/JTA/JUA in OO!

After a period of quarantine, 10 days in customs, storms and other fun, our first batches of our new tippler wagons arrived in stock! Yeoman, British Steel and VTG packs are the first packs to arrive. At the time of writing we have cleared initial pre-orders, with new orders since the stock arrived and some trade orders still being fulfilled. This has been our biggest model to date when it comes to pre-orders, and has been a massive challenge to get all the orders out the door.

In the meantime both British Steel inner packs are now sold out here at Accurascale (dont worry! Any current orders we have are safe!) but you may find additional packs with our retail network!

The ARC tipplers are due in stock later next week and will be shipped out as soon as we can! We also have a limited amount of stock for sale on our website in all liveries.

Fancy some? Stock is running low, so place your order here!

New Model! MDO and MDV wagons in OO!

Our latest announcement in OO/4mm is the British Railways unfitted 21 Ton mineral wagon diagram 1/107 (later classed as MDO under the TOPS system) and the British Railways vacuum braked 21 Ton mineral wagon diagram 1/120 (later classed as MDV under the TOPS system), two much needed wagons in ready to run form!

These wagons form part of our “Powering Britain” plan of recreating the wagons through the ages that fuelled Britain by rail. This began with the 24.5 Ton HUO hopper wagons and will be represented by the forthcoming HYA bogie hoppers, IIA biomass hoppers, these 21 Ton mineral wagons and other forthcoming, but as yet unannounced, Accurascale models.

As ever, we will be offering both wagons in packs of three wagons with multiple running numbers across several packs in both pre TOPS and TOPS guises, with grey and bauxite liveries represented. Price per three wagon pack is £74.95 with bundle deals available as always, giving you further savings! Delivery is slated for Q3 2021 and are available to pre-order direct right here or via one of our 90 local stockists. 

(Please note that tweaks and improvements will be made to these pre-production samples before production)

Class 92 Preview

This month we delivered some more project updates! One such update is the most ambitious and technically advanced model we have attempted to date; the wonderful and quirky Class 92!

As you will see in the video below, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes on this locomotive. Check out the beautiful DCC operated pantographs, the tooling improvements currently being made, superb Legomanbiffo sound, excellent smooth running and the wealth of detail that has gone into our dysons!

Click on the image below to watch the full update, including delivery date, price information and more!


After March 19th, 2021 The price increases to £179.99 for DCC ready and £270.00 for DCC sound, which is still incredible value for money considering the tech inside (twin DCC operated raising and lowering pantographs, ESU powerpack, High quality 5 pole skew wound motor with twin flywheels and all wheel drive, high end model with a wealth of separately applied detail and etched parts and Legomanbiffo sound on an ESU Loksound 5 chip in the DCC sound variants.

Tempted? We are pretty sure that you are! Place your order here to avail of the early bird price of £159.99 for DCC ready and £250.00 for DCC sound with just a £30 deposit or pay in full now, it's up to you!

JSA and KUA Update

This month we also offered a project update our JSA and KUA wagons. We are delighted to announce that both projects are either completed or almost completed.

Our JSAs are now complete and are in the container heading to the UK. Unfortunately due to the high volume of traffic coming out of China they are due to land at Felixstowe on Boxing Day, so will just miss out on Christmas.

As we have seen with our PTAs, it is quite possible that these will spend considerable time in customs (PTAs were 10 days!) but we will do all we can to move them as quickly as possible to our warehouse and get shipping when the new year begins!

Our KUA wagons are impressive beasts and have gone down very well with modellers looking to replicate these interesting nuclear workings on their layouts. Production is now at an advanced stage, but we had hoped to have them completed by now.

We pushed as hard as we could to land these in December but due to COVID and a shortage of staff in the factory (some have been pinched by larger tech companies and with COVID travel restrictions unable to replaced) delivery for these KUAs has slipped into the new year. We are very sorry for this delay, but unfortunately there is little we can do to speed them up.

These will now arrive in Q1 2021. They're selling fast so make sure you don't miss out by pre-ordering here or placing an order with your local stockist.

That's all for this month! We hope you stay safe and we will be in touch with more news before Christmas. Thanks for reading and all your orders and pre-orders with us! 

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