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A First Look At Our CDA Wagons

With our original HOP AB/HAA hopper wagons on the high seas and due in stock in late April, it's time we turn our attention to the next batch in our large range of wagons based on these ubiquitous hoppers.

Today we can show you the CDA wagons in EWS liveries, which will arrive with their DB liveried counterparts and the HCA hoppers in June, as production nears its end.

As you can see in the photos above, our CDA wagons feature a wealth of detail and crispness which signifies 'The Accurascale Way'. A diecast chassis, brass bearings and 26mm pinpoint axles means smooth running and excellent performance on your layout.

Particular attention has been paid to the detail differences over the traditional HAA wagons these were based on, such as the equipment at the wagon end, holes in the bodyside on one side, the underframe and of course, the hood/canopy.

Given the flexibility of our tooling we can also cater for those wagons as built as CDAs from new, as well as those converted from HAA hoppers, giving the modellers a true variety in their wagon rake.

Our livery choice of EWS and DB means modellers have a choice of a lengthy life span of these wagons.

Tempted? At a price of just £74.95 for 3 wagons, and 10% off when you order two packs or more, why wouldn't you be? Pre-order yours via your local stockist, or by clicking here for delivery in June!

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